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Roof Adapter 4m (Mounted unit)
Item No. 1.999.9005 Out of stock
Roof Adapter 4m (Mounted unit) 4m (standard)
€ 114,30
Roof Adapter 2m (Mounted unit)
Item No. 1.999.9006 Out of stock
Roof Adapter 2m (Mounted unit) 2m (special length)
€ 107,87
Roof Adapter 6m (Mounted unit)
Item No. 1.999.9008 Low stock
Roof Adapter 6m (Mounted unit) 6m (special length)
€ 120,73
mounting plate Oyster Connect
Item No. 2.700.0090 Out of stock
mounting plate Oyster Connect with square nuts Vierkantmutter eingespritzt
€ 45,65